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Can we see samples of the product before purchasing?

Yes, you can come down to our office to view our products. Please make an appointment via 87712271 (Whatsapp) before heading to our office. 

Mon-Fri: 11am to 5pm
Sat, Sun & PHs : Closed

If you are looking for an appointment outside of office hours, please contact us directly to arrange and we will try our best to meet that timing. :)
Do you offer corporate or bulk discounts for business?

Yes we would love to support and work together with your business in the long run.


Please fill up the google form and read through our business account benfits found in the membership page here.


We will create an account and get back to you within 3 working days!

Are your packaging food-safe?

You can only place food directly on items listed "Food-safe" in our catalogue.


To place food inside our other packaging boxes, place either baking or wax paper underneath your items. This will prevent oil and water stains on your boxes.

I would like to complain about something!

Please direct your complaints to this page here if you are a non member.

If you are a member you can just send us a message via the message system and we reply you as soon as we can!

How do I fold some of the boxes?

Please check if you have a flyer attached to your order. If there is one just scan the QR code to the guide. If not you can click the link here.


How do I use vouchers?

Voucher codes can be found in the Rewards Centre on the bottom left of your screen. 

You can also find some reward codes at checkout. You can only use 1 Discount code and 1 Free Shipping or Free Gift code at check out.


Terms and conditions for our voucher can be found here.

What vouchers are there for me to use?

We have three kinds of vouchers you can use at checkout. 


1) Discount Voucher 

2) Free Shipping Voucher 

3) Free Gift Voucher


Free Shipping and Free Gift vouchers can be redeemed via the Rewards Centre with Kaardboard. There is no expiry date for these vouchers after you have redeemed them.


Terms and conditions for Discount Vouchers can be found in the CAARTN Rewards page. 

Do you offer a one-time discount if I am planning to pack my own wedding gifts?

Yes we offaer a one-time discounts for your event even if you are not a business. Please just contact us via Whatsapp or submit a form and we will get back to you ASAP!

CAARTN Rewards

What's CAARTN Rewards?

We've simplified our membership system and renamed it to CAARTN Rewards.


This is our way of rewarding our customers who are constantly supporting us. CAARTN Rewards benefits are applicable to both Rewards and Business accounts.


For more info on the reward system, please click the yellow rewards button on the bottom left of your screen or vist this page.

What are Kaardboard?

Kaardboard is the new name for our points. The validity of Kaardboard will last 1 year from the crediting date. 

How do you earn Kaardboard?

You can earn Kaardboard through these following methods:


1. Placing an order

Purchase a minimum of $10.00 per order and receive 1 Kaardboard for every $1.00 spent. 


2. Follow us on our social media channels

Click on the yellow rewards button on the left side of the screen to follow us and earn extra Kaardboard.

3. Birthday Gift

Key in your birth date when you are registering your account to receive 300 Kaardboard as a gift from us!


4. Website Product Review

Receive 10 Kaardboard when you leave a product review on our website. You can only leave a maximum of 5 reviews per product.


5. Google Review

Leave us a google review and send a screenshot to us via the message centre and we will credit you with an additional 50 Kaardboard

How do you spend Kaardboard?

Kaardboard can be redeemed via the rewards centre, profile or at checkout.


Maximum Kaardboard redemption per transaction is 10% of your total order or up to 1000 Kaardboard.


These are the following ways you can redeem it:


1. Cashback Credit

Every 100 Kaardboard converts to $1.00 cash credit. You can only use Kaardboard as cash credits for orders above $10.00.


2. Redeem Coupons

Discount and Free Shipping coupons can be redeemed via the rewards centre. Discount codes cannot be stacked with any further ongoing discounts in store. 


3. Redeem Free Gifts

Check out our bazaar here from time to time to see what gifts you can redeem with Kaardboard!


For more info, please check out the rewards button on the left side of the screen.

CAARTN Business

What's CAARTN Business?

CAARTN Business is for aspiring business owners or businesses who are looking to buy our products for your business use. You can find out more info here.

What are the benefits of CAARTN Business?

You are entitled to a corporate discount for items that have "Biz Price" labelled on them. On top of that, you will also be entitled to the same rewards as CAARTN Rewards members.


Take note that Biz price discount cannot be stacked with other discount codes.


What are the payment methods accepted through the website?

We accept the following:

PayNow (1% discount)






There will be a minimum amount of $50.00 (excluding delivery charges) before you can checkout with a credit card and minimum of $30.00 (excluding delivery charges) before you can checkout with GrabPay.


There will be an additional 1% off when you pay via PayNow!

What are the payment methods accepted for walk-in?

We accept PayNow, ShopbackPay, GrabPay only. Strictly no cash will be accepted for walk-in purchase.


Do you provide shipping?
Yes, we do provide shipping within Singapore. You can read more about it here.
Why are my items not reaching me on time?

Our delivery timings are provided by 3rd party logistics companies and these are the estimated fulfilment timings given by them.


CAARTN has no control over the delivery timings and there are occasions where they might delay your delivery. We strongly recommend you to order in advance or to self collect your items if you need them very urgently. 

Exchange and Refunds

Can we exchange items that are the wrong size?



We will allow a one time size exchange only for online purchases. You will have to come down to our office to do a 1-1 exchange. Please make an appointment via WhatsApp if you are doing so.

I've received the wrong items for my order!

We are sorry that this had happened, please drop us a text on WhatsApp so we can either follow up with you and ensure the missing items reach you!

Can I refund my items after I have placed my order?

Strictly no refunds after orders are placed or goods are delivered.


For more information on damaged order, please click here for our Return & Refund Policy