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Affordable Food & Gift Packaging Solutions

CAARTN also known as /ˈkɑː(r)t(ə)n/, a local brand that's dedicated to making gift, food and baking packaging affordable.


We've been around since 2021, and we specialise in providing high quality and affordable packaging solutions (e.g. boxes, paper bags, sticker printing services) whether you are a business owner or a personal shopper. We don't believe in just selling a product for profit—we believe that it should serve a purpose too!

Brand Story
WHAT is CAARTN Singapore?

Learn about how our founder, Aeon went from a pastry chef to a wholesale packaging supplier.

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We know you are tired of purchasing your packaging in large quantities or clicking the "contact us for more" button but never hearing our competitors getting back to you. Even if they do reply, you will still need to purchase items in bulk. Here at CAARTN, simply sign up for a business account with us, log in and see all the bulk discount prices and check out with a minimum amount of 50pcs (any item combined)!


Whenever you spend at CAARTN, you earn points/cash credit which can be used to offset future purchases! Our items are not only eco-friendly but also in line with our sustainability efforts. Our very own recycling programme allows you to give back any of your unused additional items from your packaging and convert your waste into more cash credits!

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We believe in long-lasting business relationships and we will strive to include additional perks as long as you continue to choose us to fulfil your packaging needs.


We strive to always ensure our customer service and packaging items are always up to high standards and we always welcome feedback to better serve you!