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7.7 Member Points Bonus!

Jul 05,2024 | 4 minutes

7.7 Bonus Campaign Points

Get ready to triple your points this 7.7 Sale! 🤩

🌟 Every purchase on our website earns you 3X member points, catapulting you closer to incredible rewards. Dive into our sustainable mid-autumn packaging or new Kraft Brown Cooler Bags and make your purchase count for more.

Shop smart, earn big, and make a positive impact! 🌍💚
Monthly discount codes for July has also been refreshed (scroll down to view the new codes)

Promotion is valid from 6th to 9th July, 2359HRS.
Only valid for website checkouts.
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2024 Monthly Vouchers

Use this discount code at checkout when you hit the minimum spend at checkout. You must be a CAARTN Rewards member before you can check out with the discount code, sign up here if you are still not a member yet.

VOUCHERS EXPIRE 31st July 2024, 2359HRS!

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